Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Summer!

Hi there!  Hope all is well and that you are
 having a great summer!  Just wanted to share
 the progress
of the flowers around my yard...
Flowers planted on 5-25-14(above)

Flowers on 8-1-14
My geraniums and hostas are so pretty!
Every year I plant at least four dozen geraniums  around the house.
These plants are so hearty and easy to take care of since I don't
have my own gardener!:-)
Gerber Daisy
My roses aren't doing as well this year.  But, I do know that
they take a lot of tender care. 
My Mom and sister, Donna, inherited the gardening gene in
the family!;-)
Black Eyed Susan
Thank you for dropping by and viewing what's going on around
in my yard!  Take care and enjoy your summer!


  1. Love seeing your beautiful flowers, Maria! The Gerber daisy & rose stole my heart, but that's because I love pink.

  2. Beautiful flowers and I love those geraniums ... we too have them but they don't like the rain we have

  3. Beautiful flowers, Maria. I do love geraniums but mine are in pots and in a box hubby built for me. Yes, roses do take a lot of care..except maybe not so much for knock-outs.
    All the flowers are awesome.

  4. Oh wow, beautiful, I wish I have green thumb just like you!

  5. Beautiful photos Maria! Such a pretty flower garden!

  6. I'll bet you are the envy of the neighborhood with those Gorgeous flowers! LOVE!

  7. Oh, your flowers look amazing, Maria! How beautiful! I'd say you definitely inherited the gardening gene, my friend!

  8. WOW all these flowers look awesome!! Its so hot here that mine are all dried up...we not completely but very sad looking :-(

  9. beautiful!! u seem to be dedicated to gardening :)