Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice Fog...

(Notice the fog across the field.)

Hi there!

It was a chilly start when I woke up here in NW Ohio with -9 at 8 am...brrrr!  In fact, it was a record low of -14 last night.  Do you have some hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate while viewing my ice fog photos?  I hope you!  I went out this morn and snapped some beauties with my camera.  Even though I am tired of winter, I couldn't help but take in this awesome beauty!  So, sit back and enjoy my photos from me to you...

(The trees are so lovely covered in ice crystals.)
(My favorite pine tree in our back yard.)
(Weeping Cherry Tree)
Well, I hope you enjoyed my photos!  Wherever you are, please stay safe and keep warm!  Have a wonderful day, hugs!



  1. Maria, those are beautiful photos of the ice and snow. I love seeing them and so glad you shared.

    We are supposed to get some snow today...maybe 1 to 3". Others, just east of us are getting much more. I am disappointed but the weather reports are changing all the time so maybe we'll get more.
    I know so many are sick of all this snow. We just don't get that much so it is a treat when it comes.

  2. Maria, I have never seen anything like this!!! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! In SA we have very moderate winters (compared to what you have) with snow only on the high mountaintops and nothing compares to this you have photographed here!! I've seen on the news that you guys are experiencing a tough winter and hopefully it will be coming to an end shortly. In the meantime enjoy that coffee and hot chocolate and stay warm!!
    Thanks for sharing these photo's.

  3. Maria, thank you for the beautiful pictures today...your world is filled with white wonder...I know you are probably tired of it, but it sure brings peace to the mind!

  4. Maria your photos are beautiful. I can imagine that you are tired of winter, snow and frost but the world covered in a white blanket looks amazing:). You live in a beautiful part of the world.
    Stay safe and warm; have some coffee or cocoa:)

  5. What beautiful photos. It has been that cold here every morning for over a month. So ready for spring now. :)

  6. Beautiful photos, Maria! I love the snow coated trees. We're in for the Nor'easter tonight.

  7. Wow!! -14 now that's cold!!! Amazing but beautiful photos Maria ... stay warm!

  8. Maria…. these photos are amazing and so is your yard . Looks like a little bit of heaven to a CA. girl. Love the close up of the crystals on the branches and I love that pine tree too! I hope your warm up soon but it sure is beautiful!

  9. Your pictures show the beauty of winter, Maria! Glad we didn't get as cold as you, but we had the freezing ice fog, too, while the fields were covered in snow. Now we've moved on to rain!

  10. Beautiful pictures, Maria...winter can be so magical...just wish we could have the snow and 60 degree weather at the same time...LOL!!!!

  11. I know it is a pain to constantly deal with, but I sure love how everything looks coated in snow and ice. SO beautiful! TFS!