Monday, May 20, 2013

What's in my back yard...

Hi Friends!

How's the weather in your area?  Whew, I tell ya I went out with the dog this morn and it is steamy hot!  A few days ago it was only in the 60's and windy.  I'm sure many have the sang, just stick around five minutes and the weather will change, lol!  Anyways,  I'm calling all bird watchers.  The above bird was making a such fuss about my dog, Shadow, and I in the back yard.  I looked and saw a tiny baby one nearby.  They quickly went to the field and I didn't get a photo of the tiny baby bird, but did get this photo.  So, I'm just wondering what type of bird this is.  And, speaking of birds I was so excited when I saw this nest!

I thought...hmmm...what type of eggs are these.  I tell ya I'm certainly getting a nature lesson just by looking around in my back yard!:-)  I heard lots of chirping one morning and looked out my window!  And, what did I see...yesss...a cardinal!  I was happy dancing!  We've seen a male and female cardinal quite often in our yard. And, I am so happy to see them making a sweet little home in our back yard for their little ones!  I tell ya it makes me very happy since I was very sad when the robin's eggs did not make it.  Something got to the nest and we found the nest and eggs on the ground.  But, anyways, the above photo put a big smile on my face!:-)
You still with me?  I have to tell ya I had quite a scare this
morn when I saw this creature in my yard....

What is really funny is that I nearly picked it up thinking that it was a stick!  Shadow stuck his nose to it and I screamed...hehehe!  I realized it wasn't a stick when it moved.  That is a lesson learned to put my glasses on when on my nature walk in the back yard!:-)
OK...just a couple more photos.  I planted lots of  flowers yesterday.  It was a perfect day to plant flowers.  Just a tad warm, but so happy I got them done and did not wait until today, which is so humid.  Here are some of the flowers around my yard...
Hanging basket that we can enjoy while on
our deck.
I planted four dozen geraniums around the house in pots.  I also planted one dozen dahlias.  The hosta plants in between the pots are coming up beautifully!  I'll take more flower photos later when my roses bloom.  I just hope the darn little rabbits don't get to my hostas as they did last year!
And, last but not least here is a pic of my sweet dog, Shadow, who saved me from the! 
Thanks so much for visiting here today and taking the time
to view all my photos!  Take care, hugs!:-)


  1. Oh Maria, that snake would have given me a heart attack!!! I hate snakes!!! But your flowers are just beautiful and our weather will be 95 today....a bit warm :-)

  2. Oh gosh, that snake....yuck, yuck! I can't stand those things. I am always afraid I'll get around one when working in my yard.

    I wonder if your bird's eggs are white breasted nuthatch or sparrow eggs. I went searching online. I love birds and anything to do with them.

    I LOVE your planter of flowers in the tree and so glad you shared your photos today.

    I got out my bird identification book to find your first bird. I wonder if it is a dusky thrush. It is not like the thrush we have down south (not the ones I see, at least) but it sure looks like a dusky thrush in my book.
    But, when I look online, they don't look like yours.
    Those long legs look like sandpiper legs.

    Frankly, I just don't know what it is.
    Maybe someone will know.

  3. Lovely photo's, Maria! Shadow is beautiful! And what a wonderful back yard you have! I would have run a mile from that snake! We don't have wildlife like snakes where we live. But when we visited my brother on Vancouver Island B.C. They had snakes, raccoons, bears, deer and cougars!! Thank you for sharing xx

  4. Your yard looks beautiful! I also planted flowers this weekend. I try to plant things that will withstand the heat of the summer. We are having warm, humid weather this week--I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm not sure what kind of bird that is but if you have an interest in them, a friend of our family has written a series of books/guides to birds native to each state. Very informative. He lives in Utah, runs a nature store, and his name is William Fenimore.

  5. Hi Maria ... Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog ... I loved reading this post ... what fabulous photos! And your beautiful dog .... I've had 2 GSD's and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss them ... seeing your beautiful dog pulls at my heart ... love your sweet card too ... have a great day!

  6. Hi Maria! You have so much going on in your backyard. Goodness, I'd have been startled by that snake, too!!!!

    I'm no bird expert (at all!), but I'm thinking that your unidentified bird could be a killdeer. Here's some more about them:

    Have fun!

  7. Wonderful photos Maria. Now you know what got to the bird eggs probably and snakes eat baby birds too. Your dog is beautiful - can't wait until our sheepdog gets out of this horrid puppy stage and calms down a bit. Love the bird picture and the nest with the eggs but I could have done without the snake!!!

  8. Awww, what a fun post (except for that snake)! Love all the pretty photos of your yard (except for that snake)! You made me smile with your comment about your glasses.....I'm the same way....can't tell nothing without them. We've got a lot of snakes around here, too, and my daughter absolutely is terrified of them. That's the bad thing about this time of year. Thank goodness there are so many pretty flowers to balance it out!

  9. LOVE the photos! Good thing Shadow saved you from that snake! I was trimming a tree in my backyard a couple of days ago and heard a splash in the little lake behind our house. I thought it was a fish but it was a 4 foot long gator! Needless to say I made my dh pick up the trimmings!

  10. Fabulous nature pictures. I agree with Emily. That is a Killdeer and they lay their eggs in a nest on the ground. They will even pretend like they are dying if you get close to the eggs. That is awesome that your Cardinals laid eggs in your yard. You will have to take some pictures after they hatch. :)

  11. Good job, Shadow! Your pictures are wonderful--I'm a bird lover, too. The bird trying to keep you away from her baby is a killdeer. I love them & seldom see them anymore. I still remember them in the gravel area near my grade school a million years ago.

  12. I hate snakes.....they make my skin crawl! All the other photos are just fabulous.....great backyard!

  13. Hooray for Shadow! Three cheers for him, saving Mom from that snake (was it as large as it looks??).

    Love your geraniums! They're such pretty colors.

  14. Geraniums are my favorites, but every time I try planting them again, we get bud worms. Sigh. I spray them to death, but they just keep coming back again and again. Such a bummer! Oh! And my son says that bird is a plover. He's my expert on such things ;).

  15. Your flowers are beautiful and so is your backyard. That must be a scary close encounter. I hope the eggs are still save.

  16. Wonderful fotos here in your post. Great shot from the snake and the nest. Your dog looks beautiful too :-) Thanks for sharing with us at "Our Beautiful World"