Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bloomin' Blooms!


Hi Friends!

Welcome to my garden!  My tulips are finally in full
bloom...yeah!  They give so much color to our back yard!
Lovely shades of red....

And yellow...

I just love this time of year when such beauty is
all around you!  So many different blooms to put
a big smile on my face!:-)  Here is our lovely
cherry tree...

It was a perfect day to get out and take some
fabulous photos!  There is not a cloud in the sky and
the sun is shining brightly. still with me?
Just a few more photos to share...

Bleeding Heart plant


Maple tree
Lilac Bush
Well, that's it for now.  When my roses bloom in
a few weeks, I'll share those photos with you. 
Thank you for dropping by to see a peek of what's
in my garden!  I hope you're having a wonderful
day!  Take care, hugs!:-)


  1. Your tulips are beautiful! Red is my fave! Happy Spring!

  2. LOVE the photos! Happy Spring!

  3. I love those tulips! My tulips already bloomed, but my Iris are still blooming.

  4. Lovely spring pictures of your garden

  5. I just love this time of the year when everything is new and starting to bloom and the days have just a touch of coolness in the air. I'm sitting here contemplating whether to do housecleaning or get outside and enjoy this weather and the season while it lasts. I wonder what will win?!! lol

  6. Maria, I'm so glad you shared your garden photos. Tulips are my favorite flower and yellow ones my favorite color. I love your little angel watching over the garden. Isn't Spring wonderful when everything starts blooming and the leaves come?

    I have photos on Pinterest of my garden. If you have an account there, you can go check it out.

  7. Your garden looks lovely - our Spring right now is wet and grey and chilly. Oh well ---

  8. Such pretty photos! Happy Spring! We don't have quite the same foliage here in the desert ~ I sure miss Peonies and Lilacs! TFS :)

  9. Ahh, your garden looks lovely, Maria! So many beautiful flowers and bright green things! Does a heart good to see them. :)

  10. So glad you shared some garden photos! I never tire of seeing flowers. :) Your tulips look fabulous.

  11. Yay for spring! Gorgeous pics! You have a beautiful garden!

  12. Oh, I SOOOO wish my lilac bushes looked like that. I planted them a couple of years back, but they are grueling to watch grow. Sigh. I'm really trying to be patient, but I'm anxious for the blossoms to fill our yard with everything good :).