Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Birds!!!

Hi there!

Just wanted to share with you today a photo of the cardinal baby birds that just hatched!  I can see two of the little precious sweeties.  There are five total eggs, so I believe there are three more to hatch yet.  I had a tough work day yesterday physically and emotionally, but that is expected in nursing.  So, I told myself I need something to make myself smile.  I'll go out and check on the baby birds!  And yes, there they were nestled in the nest together.  It just puts a big smile on my face!:-)

Another photo to share are my roses.  They are now starting to bloom.  I'll take more photos later when they are in full bloom.  I love roses!  Those sweet birds are just to the left of my roses.  Those little ones better be careful not to get hurt on the thorns from the rose bushes when they begin to fly!:-)  Here is a photo of the rose bush....

Ok, I'm beginning to think my blog is turning into a nature blog...hehehe!  But, that's OK, I should be back some time today or tomorrow with a project.  I've been working on my Paper Sweetie projects that you'll be able to view June 1st.  Please stay tuned for those projects!  Thank you for taking time to stop by today!  Take care and enjoy your day, hugs!


  1. Oh, the birdies are just so sweet. Don't you just love being able to watch nature in action? Your rose bush is a beauty and looks as if there are going to be lots and lots of blooms.

    Unfortunately, I found a dead bluejay in my pond today. So sad.

    I've been working in my yard today and about to make a trip to the plant nursery. That is always fun.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  2. Beautiful roses! I hope those sweet babies make it. We've had lots of young birds in our yard. It's fun watching the parents feed them especially when the baby is bigger than the parent.

  3. I never ever mind looking at garden shots, or baby animals for that matter! LOve to see what's happening in other people's back yards. :)

  4. I think baby birds are the cutest things! I don't mind seeing photos of the outdoors.

  5. Sounds like we have a lot in common as I'm also a nurse, love birds & have 60 rose bushes--not to mention making cards--LOL! Thanks for sharing the pictures--amazing to get one of the nest with the 2 hatched.

  6. A nature blog is totally fine, Maria! We love nature :)! And those baby birds are the CUTEST! TFS!

  7. What wonderful pictures, love the cardinal baby birds and your pretty roses.

    Regards diane

  8. Those baby birds are so special!