Friday, May 25, 2012

Computer Problems...

Hi there!

I would share with you a project and cards that I have worked on lately, but my computer is out for repair. There is a problem with the hardware. My son bought new computer parts a month or so ago. We continued to have problems. The new mother board has a defect. It will take two to four weeks for repair. I do have my IPad, but it isn't the same. I don't know how to upload photos on here. But my son, the techno guy, will try to show me this weekend. Please pray for patience for him and for me while we adjust to these computer problems!:). But, I will continue to visit your blogs to see your wonderful creations! Take care, hugs!!:))


  1. Wow, Maria, Good Luck! I was freaked out by a tiny glitch in Picasa last night so I can only imagine your pain. Good thing your son can help!

  2. Maria, this is terrible! I hope your computer can be repaired quicker than expected. I am having some problems with my keyboard and mouse but I'm sure it is the computer. I even went out and brought new ones and it didn't help. Arggggh! I am going to uninstall and reinstall that software and see if it helps. I sure hope mine doesn't have to go to the shop.

    Aside from this problem, I hope your holiday weekend is fantastic.

  3. Ugh, them, hate them!!
    Hope you get yours back soon!

  4. Yikes, computer? Yuck. Good luck with the iPad.

  5. That was better if computers survives themselves from viruses. But i used Virus Removal Service and cleaned up viruses from my entire PC.