Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation time...

Hi friends! Am away on vacation, but I have been checking out blogs here and there. It's so ironic for the weather here in Key West to be cooler than back home. And, a nasty storm came through that left so many without power. My son was able to go to my sis-in- law's house who happens to have power. I just hope power is restored soon, but it may take several more days yet. I believe it went up the east coast, too. As far as I know, our house is still in one piece! My heart and prayers go out to all who are dealing with this unfortunate situation and terrible heat! Anyways, I've been taking beautiful sunset pics and plan to share when I return home. Yesterday we were sitting out on our balcony deck and spotted an interesting character....a lizard! We got some sweet pics of him! The food is delicious...fresh fish. We had hog fish, which is very good! It is a fish in which they have to spear because it doesn't go for bait. We snorkeled today and saw striped fish and a yellow\blue fish. I'm not used to being out in the sunburned...ouch! But, I do love the water and it was fun! OK...that's all for now. I do miss crafting, but am enjoying looking at your blogs! Thanks for dropping by, hugs!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! Hope you'll post pics when you get back!!! :)

  2. Hope the weather and storms pass and leave you with beautiful weather for the rest of your vacation. Sounds so lovely there by the water! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Maria, sounds as if you are very much enjoying your vacation time, despite the storm. Glad you are getting to relax.
    Happy Sunday

  4. Hey Sweet Maria - We are indeed having odd weather up and down and sideways. Horrid fires, hot,hot weather or heavy rains. Boy you are really making me want to go to the Keys. I love the clear water and snorkeling. And oh how I miss some good fresh fish. I could go for a hog fish right now.
    I am on a vacation of sorts as well. Last Monday I fell and broke my left hip - surgery on Tuesday and home on Friday. I am a little anxious because I do not have the mobility needed to make cards or try some mixed media techniques. Maybe I will learn some patience! Eat a lot of good fruit and fish for me.yum,yum and drool,drool!

  5. Maria, I lived in Key West when I was in the 3rd grade! If you see the high school with the big conch shell, we lived on the street behind that! If you're looking for a great fine dining restaurant try Louie's Backyard. - YUM! Also Ernest Heminway's house is great and famous for the 6 toed cats that roam the property! I could go on and on! Have FUN! Can't wait to see the pics!

  6. Ooh, you're in Key West? How awesome! I look forward to your photos.
    Yes, the weather is terrible. Hope your house and everyone back home will be fine.
    Have a great time!!

  7. Looking forward to your holiday pics Maria, take care with that sunburn! xx