Saturday, May 2, 2015

Signs of Spring!

Hi there!

My lovely yellow tulips have finally bloomed!  There are signs of spring here in NW Ohio...finally...yeah!!!  The temps this weekend will be awesome the 70's!  I've been watching the tulips every day to bloom.  As you can see, some are still waiting to bloom...

It's May and that means gorgeous flowers and blooms everywhere to be seen!:-)
I have a few red tulips...such a pretty red!
One of the hosta plants..
Lovely vine against the house...
Maple trees...
And, beautiful cherry tree!
We have lots of yard work to do.  But, that's ok for we will enjoy the fabulous weather this weekend!  Thanks so much for dropping by and viewing my signs of spring!  Take care and have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful pictures Maria! Seems like spring never left us in CA .

  2. Nice photos. Temps here are expected to hit 85 this week--too warm, too fast for me.

  3. Spring is finally upon us ;)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures Maria!

  4. Lovely photos Maria ... so pretty! TFS!

  5. Happy spring all the gorgeous blooms!

  6. Beautiful when spring awakens Maria!

  7. Oooh, this is such a happy post! :o) I am such a nature lover and I'm elated to see flowers and trees blossoming to life. Your pictures are stunning! Thank you for sharing them with us, dear friend! :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Oh, how beautiful! LOVE seeing all your pretty flowers and the signs of spring in your neck of the woods. Sounds like absolutely perfect weather, to me. TFS!

  9. So glad your world has turned from white to color!

  10. Lovely Maria! I still haven't gotten to take photos of my garden yet but I better do it soon. I was working in the yard yesterday. Thanks so much for the beautiful birthday card you sent. It made my day!

  11. Oh, I hear you on the yard work, love! Ugh! But it'll all be worth it. These pics are simply gorgeous! Enjoy springtime in your neck of the woods!