Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Orleans Vacation...

Hi Friends!

We made it back safe and sound last evening from our vacation in New Orleans!  To say it was HOT...umm...uh huh...so HOT!  It was in the mid 90's all week and humid.  Ok, you who live in California and Florida would say...ha!  But, this NW Ohio gal was not used to the heat...whew!  In fact, we haven't even hit 90 yet this summer!  But, that's ok because we paced ourselves.  We went out in the mornings and evenings. Anyways, we had a fabulous time!  Lots to see and the food was beyond amazing!  Please be warned...pic overload!:-)

We took a dinner boat cruise along the Mississippi, which had an all you can eat buffet.  Yes, uh huh, we stuffed ourselves on delicious food.  I even ate turtle soup and it was mmm....mmm good!  We topped the meal off with yummy bread pudding!  The boat ride was so relaxing.  My husband took some lovely sunset pics...


Here we are taking in the view of the St. Louis Cathedral...

We enjoyed some shopping at the French Market...

We visited the WWII Museum.  My husband was in his glory viewing everything.  It is one of the top four museums in the country!  Lots to see and they make it fun and interesting!

We had to try a po boy sandwich and this place is noted to make some great ones.  So, we dived in and ate the "bomb"!  The bomb consisted of catfish, grilled shrimp, (2) cheeses, tomato, and lettuce with mayo.  It was very good!
We should have taken a pic of it.  I guess we didn't want to look too touristy...lol!
You still with me?  If, so...thank you!:-)  One night we walked to Harrah's Casino and had fried catfish and fries.  Oh, I think my cholesterol is now off the charts...lol!  Anyways, I played the penny slots and came out ahead...$40...woohoo! 
We had to taste the beignets...and yes...so delicious...yum! 
We visited a gorgeous plantation that is located in Vacherie about 50 miles NW of New Orleans called Oak Valley Plantation.  The oak trees that lined the pathway are breathtaking.  Many have come to this plantation home to film movies, soap operas, etc.  And, it continues to be a working sugar cane plantation.

My husband drinking a mint julep.
We had Sunday buffet brunch at Court of Two Sisters.  My husband had an omelette made to order creole style.  My favorite part of the meal were the sweet potatoes that were so fluffy and tasty!  We equate the meal with cruise food...so good!
Oh...we did manage to get a food pic and here it is...
Do I look flushed?  Uh huh...'cause I'm about ready to have a heat stroke...lol! 
More water, please!:-)
 It was a wonderful Sunday brunch outside on the patio
with jazz music...

We behaved and stayed away from Bourbon St. until the last day to buy a Tshirt
for our son from Hard Rock Café...hehehe! 
And, more pics of French Quarter...
Well, thank you so much for dropping by and viewing our pics of
New Orleans!  Take care and have a wonderful day!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time! We've been having some 90 + humid days here (just outside of Philadelphia).

  2. Gorgeous pics Maria! I am glad you guys had great time :)
    Hugs to you my dear :)

  3. Another place I've never been & love seeing through your eyes, Maria! Wonderful pictures! Glad you're home safe & sound & out of the horrible humidity!

  4. Great photos!! I couldn't have taken that heat either ... But so happy that you had a good time and Thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad you had a fantastic holiday Maria - it looks awesome! The food sounds rather delicious too :-)

  6. What wonderful photos Maria! Looks like you had a great time! I'm from Florida, so I know the heat and humidity all to well! Glad you had a good vacation! :)

  7. How wonderful! New Orleans is such an amazing place to visit! Besides the heat, it sounds like you guys had a fabulous time! So much to see and do there, and yes... eat! I think the food is the best part! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! And welcome home!

  8. Lovely vacation photos Maria, I visited the Oak Valley Plantation when I was there too, don't it reminds you of Gone with the wind?

  9. Ohhh these photos are lovely! Good to see andread you had a wonderful vacation. I Am not a fan of heat so I know what you mean :)

  10. Beautiful photo's, Maria!!! TFS.
    Have a great day!!!

  11. Oh Maria,you looks so adorable in the photos! I loved seeing each one. I can only imagine the humid heat,nothing worse! We don't get the humid much here in Ca. So many wonderful places you were able to visit . Thanks for sharing and thanks for the hug:)

  12. Welcome home, Maria! I am so glad you had a wonderful time! Your pictures are gorgeous, with sweet stories to accompany them. :o) Everything sounds amazing and I couldn't be happier for this blessed trip! Thank you for sharing some of your photos and memories with us. :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  13. So glad you had a good vacation! Love the pic of you and your hubby! Everyday this summer has been 90 degrees here in Charlotte! And even though I have grown up here, it is still hot!!!!
    Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!!!

  14. Oh Maria, your pictures are amazing and thank you for sharing them! What a wonderful vacation! Welcome back home!

  15. I LOVED New Orleans but not in the summer! It is so HOT! Looks like you had a great time! FAB pics, Maria!

  16. This city is on my vacation wish list...yes, I have a vacation wish list! :)
    The oak trees are breathtaking!!! Love the Cathedral...and oh my, the French Market!!! Looks spectacular!