Saturday, October 17, 2015

Enjoying Fall...

Hi, there!
Happy weekend to you!   A couple days ago we took a day trip to Amish Country here in Ohio.  We visited Berlin, Charm, and Walnut Creek, Ohio.  The leaves are a little late this year with color due to a wet cool spring/summer.  But, some have turned and are so lovely in color!
Our usual first stop is to Miller's bakery.  It was a beautiful fall day in the 60's and apparently other people had the same idea.  We were just a tad late and didn't get our usual apple fritters.  But, that's ok since we got cinnamon twists instead...and so yummy!
We also got a frosted molasses cookie,
date cookie and blueberry tarts!  Everything is so
fresh and so delicious...mmm!  Note:  We didn't eat all of
this at once.  We brought it home with us...hehehe!

We went to Hershberger's Farm and bought some apples
and carrots for the animals.  My husband just got done feeding
Big Ben an apple.  I think he appreciated it!
I had a goat parade around me, but that was OK!  I
had fun feeding these sweet goats some carrots!
This momma pig and her babies were trying to
keep warm under the heat cute!
Lots of pumpkins.
Beautiful mums in a variety of colors.
We did some shopping in Berlin, Ohio.
After shopping, we ate dinner at our favorite Amish
restaurant, Der Dutchman topped off with
homemade cherry pie...yum!
A gorgeous view behind the restaurant.
Thank you for dropping by and viewing my
Amish photos!  Take care and have a wonderful
Happy Fall!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful photos Maria! What a beautiful place and that horse ... He's magnificent!

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely photo's Maria - it looks like you had a great time! Those Mums looked so pretty :-)

  3. So enjoyed all your lovely photos, Maria!!!! Such a beautiful place!!! Happy Fall!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Happy Fall, Maria! It looks so picturesque! What a wonderful day!

  5. I love visiting Amish areas. Always get a sense of peace and contentment.

  6. Oh gosh Maria - your pictures are wonderful. Loved everyone and I really would like to visit these areas. Before we moved to Florida, we had two little goats - they were bred as pygmies but were a little large for a pygmy. Male and female and we named them flip and flop. The house was way too large for me to keep up with and the farm animals and property got too much for my husband to keep up with. So that's my story and I am sticking to it!!
    Sandy xx

  7. Oh my... this post is filled with so much to love. Autumn is such a magical season and your adventure was filled with its majestic beauty. Your photos are gorgeous! I love everything nature (and sweet... hehe!) so I'm always glad when you share bits like this on your blog. What a beautiful horse, too! Happy Autumn to you! :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Sounds like the perfect day Maria! Beautiful photos and lovely colours!

  9. I would have loved to tag along with you, Maria--gorgeous country I've never seen! thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! Can't believe how cheap the pumpkins & mums were!

  10. What an absolutely beautiful part of the world! Looks like such an amazing day. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

  11. wow, Maria, I really enjoyed your pictures and the narrative...gorgeous colors and ant sure looked like a wonderful day to be sightseeing and enjoying the outdoors! Yummy food too!!

  12. Wow awesome pics, looks like I will have to make a trip down there soon :)

  13. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time! And boy do those sweets look yummy!

  14. Looks and sounds like such a wonderful, relaxing, DELICIOUS day! TFS! Gorgeous pics!