Thursday, September 29, 2016

Arizona Vacation...

Hi, there!

As promised, I'm back with some vacation pics!  And, I miss the warm AZ weather already!  We came back to temps in the 60's and rainy.  But, I'm sure we will visit AZ again...maybe in January or February when we have frigid temps with blowing snow!:-) Anyways, we made it to my sis-in-law's.  Kim and her husband, Jerry, moved to AZ three years ago to be close to her daughter, Adrienne. And, her sister, Nicole, moved three years ago, also. Sit back and grab your favorite beverage for there are lots of photos!   Here are a few family pics...

me, Kim, Jerry holding Ash, and Adrienne holding Gabriel

Curtis and Gabriel

Jax ready to clean the pool

 Jax is always on the go and just
too darn cute!  He asked his Mom if
he's the boss.  Adrienne said, "No, I'm
the boss!"  Jax replied, "Well, I'm the
little boss!" precious
and cute!:-)

My niece, Adrienne with her little one,
Ash(5 mo.)

The next day we went to Sedona and took in the beautiful!

Chapel of the Holy Cross

While I was looking in one of the shops, my
husband was taking pics and took one of
this interesting fella...

I'm guessing it's some type of moth.  If anyone
knows what it is, please let me know.

After Sedona, we went up to Williams for a 
couple days.  We watched a show with cowboys.

We took a train ride to the Grand Canyon.

And, on the way back...robbers!  The bad
cowboy gang tried to rob us!  But, my husband
saved us.  He said, "The rich people are 
in the back!"

The sheriff followed the gang and made
sure everyone was ok! happy
to be safe!:-)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my photos!
Take care and have a great day!



  1. Wonderful share, love your photos! Everything looks familiar since AZ is one near to us and we have done a few road trips as well.

  2. What a neat vacation you had, Maria--I'm jealous you went to Sedona--on my wishlist! I'll never forget seeing the Grand Canyon--wonderful picture of the 2 of you!

  3. What a wonderful trip this was! You are so lucky to get to take in Sedona and the Grand Canyon, and snuggle with those adorable babies, too! LOVE your photos! TFS!

  4. Great photos, Maria! Looks like such a fun trip full of family and adventure! TFS!