Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Happy Bee-day!

Hello, there!

Popping in to share with you a card made for my hair stylist.  She just had a birthday and we went for our hair appointments on Monday.  I gave her a small flower bouquet and the above card.  She and her husband have lots of bee hives.  They are sending some to California to help pollinate the pecan trees.  The honey that they have is the best.  I just made a chicken pineapple dish with a honey/dijon mustard sauce, so delicious!  It is one of my hubby's favorites!  If you would like the recipe, just let me know.  So, as you can see above I had to add some bees, which are stickers to the card.  The pumpkin/flower image is from Altenew.  The sentiments are from Studio Katia.  

Also, I recently took a photo of my dog, Sheila and our newest fur baby, Nicky.  It seemed like forever to choose a name for the little guy.  We thought of Boots, Socks, or Domino.  Hubby thought Dominic.  We decided to shorten it to Nicky.  Finally on the day we took it to the vet we said his name is Nicky.  And, little Nicky had a good check up. No problems at all, good news!  Anyways, here is a photo of them in my craft room.  Sheila is not sure if she wants to share her bed with him, lol.  I do have a cat bed for Nicky, but she wants to be friends with Sheila.  I think they'll get along just fine.

Thanks so much for dropping by today!  Take care and have an awesome day!



  1. This is beautiful, Maria! So bright with amazing colors and I love those bee stickers! But, of course, Nicky and Sheila stole the show! Sheila's body language is so funny! Sweet Nicky is just trying to be friends (which I love!) and thinking, "skooch over!" Hugs, Darnell

  2. WOW! This is so very beautiful Maria, I love the colours and your so lucky to be able to get fresh honey. As for your furry friends, they do like they are getting on just fine.
    Faith x

  3. Loving the bee card and it's perfect for your hairdresser who raises bees! Good honey is so special and your recipe sounds wonderful! Love the pet photo too, how cute are they together :)

  4. Stunning card, Maria. The colours are so striking. Great photo of Sheila and Nicky, looks like they are going to be the best of friends. xx

  5. What a beautiful card. Perfect for your hair stylist who owns bees.
    Sheila and Nicky are adorable.

  6. That picture of the furbabies is so cute! No way Fritz would let a cat into our house, let alone into his bed--haha! Gorgeous coloring, my friend!