Friday, June 10, 2022

Happy Birthday and Nature!

Hi, there!

How's everything in your part of the world?  I've been busy with trying to work ahead on assignments and cards before we leave on vacation.  We plan to visit Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore soon.  We also bought a new camper to get back into camping.  We introduced the camper to our dog, Sheila, last night and she wasn't sure what to think about it.  I do hope that she will like camping.  It would be great to have our little buddy along with us on camping trips.  We weren't sure when the camper would be in and hubby didn't want to take a long trip with the camper out west since we haven't camped in many years.  And, of course, the gas prices are out of this world, right?!  That's another story for another day, lol!  But, we do plan to do a short camping trip near here before vacation.

The above card was made for a friend's birthday.  The die cut panel was sent to me by a friend.  The flower/vase image is from PPP and the sentiment is from PI.  

Here is a photo of our camper...


The Magee Marsh opened up once again, so we took a relaxing drive after some ice cream to view some wonderful nature.  It was unfortunate that several eagle's nests were damaged due to severe weather last year, but we did see one nest with an eagle in it.

It's difficult to see, but it's head is popping out from the middle of the nest.  Also, another 
eagle is sitting on a limb below.

Geese family


Ok, well that's all for now.  Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by today!  Have a great weekend!  Take care!



  1. The card is so pretty. I like how you made the table and that cute vase of flowers. The camper is awesome and Sheila will be fine as long as you are there. Wow, how great that you are able to see the eagles and their nest. All the pictures are wonderful and so close to you.

  2. What a sweet BD card, Maria! How exciting to have a new travel trailer! Hope Sheila takes to it. Beautiful nature pictures! Sure wish you could have been with us at the retreat. Brought back memories of our Indy time!