Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fun!

What a sweet little furry guy!
One of my favorite places to walk. 

Rutherford B. Hayes house.

The 19th President.

These two little ones came up very close looking for peanuts!

Hi there!

Am on vacation this week, so I went to visit one of my favorite places to walk on a cool crisp fall day.  Spiegel Grove is the area of Rutherford B. Hayes 's house and museum.  It's about twenty minutes from my house.  Many people walk around on the grounds because it is so lovely and peaceful.  I finally remembered to take my camera along to capture some beautiful fall foliage and friendly little squirrels!

I hope to get some crafting done this week, but also have to do some fall cleaning.  I'd much rather craft wouldn't you?!   Ok, thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the fall photos.  Take care and have a wonderful week, hugs!!:-))


  1. Have a wonderful week and enjoy yourself. This house looks amazing; would love to have a walk there too :)

  2. Super photos of a wonderful Fall day. Enjoyed seeing the house, grounds, and those squirrels.
    We have a lot of squirrels and they love eating all the bird food. :-(

  3. I love the squirrel photos. When I was a kid, we had a "pet" squirrel, who we named Henry, who used to come to the back door for us to hand him a pecan. He'd go bury it, then my brothers and I would run out and dig it up to give back to him later. We fed him for years, so I'm not sure he ever had need to dig anything up anyway. Thanks for sharing your field trip photos! ~Hugs, Cheryl

  4. THese pictures are so delightful, Maria! I feel peace just looking at them. THanks for sharing!

  5. Oooh, what lovely photos, Maria!! I just LOVE them! Looks like such a gorgeous place to visit. TFS and hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  6. TFS the photos. Love the squirrels and I needed the history lesson too. LOLOL