Saturday, March 10, 2012

Liebster Award!

Hi there blog friends!

My blog friend, Cheryl, as extended to me the Liebster Blog Award! 

This award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  It is to bring attention to their blog and to increase their following.  So,  I am passing this award to five blog friends.  Please stop by and visit their blogs and become a follower.

Here are the rules:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. (Thank you, Cheryl!)

2.  Reveal your 5 picks for the award and let them know.

3.  Post the award on your blog.

4.  Bask in the love from the supportive people out there in blog land.

5.  Finally, and the best rule of all.......have fun and spread the love!

The 5 blogs that I've chosen are listed below. Check out their beautiful sites and become a follower. 

1.  Stella
2.  Pattyo
3.  Sharon
4.  Helen
5.  Sandy


  1. Congratulations! I will be sure to give your friends a visit!

  2. Thanks for the award, Maria. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to attach links, etc. My sister-in-law set my blog up. I can do basics but not much else.

  3. Oh my I am honored. Thank you so so much!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Maria: I've been away and just got your note.
    I'm honoured that you picked my blog and it is very much appreciated!
    Stamping Hugs,