Monday, March 26, 2012

Mom's Bday Party!

Hi there!

Am back again to show you some photos from
yesterday with my Mom's birthday celebration!  She turned 87!
She doesn't look her age!  She always likes to dress young
and, she loves her jewelry!  She is one dear sweet Mom!
She always encouraged us to be creative and have fun with
crafts!  So, we had a fun time of crafting yeasterday! 
 We made a card and Easter wall hanging. 
Here is a photo of my four sisters.  Even my sis,
Cecilia, who is third from the left had fun! 
She says she is not crafty at all.  But, her great finished
project proved otherwise...hehehe!!:-))

And, one more photo of us all with Mom...
Thanks for dropping by today! 
Take care and have a great week, hugs!!:-))


  1. What fun you all must have had. It's great to get to craft with family. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  2. Happy birthday to your Mum x x Those wall hangers turned out fabulous, your Mum looks great!Love her necklace, Hugs May x x x x

  3. Thanks for the pictures Maria - It is so much fun to see really neat family pictures like there. You Mom looks quite happy. Wow - 5 girls!!!!!

  4. Maria, it looks like you and your family had such a fun time crafting for your mom's birthday! God bless your mom...wishing her many more birthdays! And wow....I can't imagine growing up in a house with four sisters!!! I have one sister and three brothers...I can somewhat relate!

  5. What a lovely family photo, Maria. Great way to spend a birthday...paper crafting with Maria. Here's to many more special occasions.

  6. Thanks for sharing such sweet pix with us, Maria. :) I'll bet your mom's heart was so full of love and appreciation for such a special get-together with you girls!

  7. Awwww, how wonderful! I think it's so special that all of you sisters got together to craft with your mom for her birthday! SO, SO sweet! Mom looks so happy! Thanks for sharing, Maria!