Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Fall!

Hi there!
Happy fall to you!  We are enjoying some super
lovely fall weather here in NW Ohio!  It is definitely
Indian summer.  It was in the 70's here today with
bright shiny it!  We won't have many
more of these perfect days.  So, we enjoyed a walk
in our favorite walking area.  It is the place where
Rutherford B. Hayes resided many years go.  He
was the 19th president.  It is a quiet peaceful area
to walk and enjoy nature.  Little squirrels run about
in search of nuts.  They are busy gathering many
acorns that have dropped from the trees. You will
see in a photo below where a friendly squirrel took
time out to be playful and pose for us...too cute!
Anyways, I hope you are enjoying your week
wherever you are!  Thanks for dropping by today! 

Happy trails to you!  Take care, hugs!


  1. Fall is so beautiful...we're still waiting for it here. These photos make me wish it would hurry up, already! :)

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous place to walk! Spectacular! Love the photos, Maria! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMGosh, Maria! GORGEOUS! Don't see THAT in Florida!

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos, Maria. What a beautiful place to enjoy a Fall day and walk.

  5. Gorgeous fall colors TFS Maria!! The trees are finally turing here too :-)

  6. Beautiful photos, Maria! I just love this time of year!

  7. Your pictures are gorgeous Maria and doesn't that house look grand!!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous, and I can picture myself right there with you, feeling the glory of that perfect autumn day. :)

    Thank you SO much for the love you've left me lately...I want to come back and visit you more, but right now we're trying to secure things in our yard and get ready in case 'Sandy' packs a wallop for us. It's due to hit here late this afternoon/evening.

    See you soon, Maria! Hugs!

  9. What beautiful pictures, Maria! Gosh, I love fall, too! It's turned chilly here, but it was in the 80's last week. I wish fall could be so much longer in Kansas. Hugs!

  10. Such pretty pictures...looks a lot like Wildwood Preserve.

  11. Wow so Beautiful Maria! Such a Lovely area of the country you live in! And I Love the Wonderful Fall color you guys get.. We don't get to see anything like this in So-Cal.. Thanks for sharing your Wonderful pics! 8-)


  12. OHHH truly is gorgeous! Just how I picture fall in my mind! We have had our squirrels going crazy getting ready for winter..they have been eating our suit our birds eat...they are fun to watch!