Saturday, November 24, 2012

Congrats Buckeyes!!!

Go Buckeyes!!!
Hi there Friends!
I didn't get around to posting this photos before, so
I thought what a perfect time to do so today.
We just got done watching our favorite football team
today go 12-0 for a perfect season!!!  They cannot go
to a bowl game this year.  But, having such a season
says it all!  In the above photo I'm with my
sister-in-law at the Purdue v. Ohio State game on
October 20th a few weeks ago.  That game was a
real nail biter, which went into over time!  Ohio
State won with score of 29-22!
Here's a photo of my husband and his brother-
in-law, and me...
A photo of the drum major.  That hurts my back
just looking at this...LOL!:-)
Pink pom poms and shirts for Susan
B. Komen day!  Pink towels were given
out to everyone at the game.
Today with team and coach, Urban
Meyer, after the win against Michigan!
Thanks for taking the time to stop
by today and take a look at my OSU
photos!  We are happy fans here
in buckeye land!!!  Hope you
are enjoying your weekend!  Take care


  1. Looks like an awesome time!!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  2. Go Bucks! You surely picked an exciting game with Purdue, but alas the best kind of game is beating Michigan!


  3. Great photos, Maria. I see you enjoy the football games as much as I enjoy them. Those nail biter games almost give you a heart attack, don't they? Yikes!
    Of course, you know I'm a U of Alabama fan, don't you? LOL Go Bama! Forgive me, please. :-)

  4. Loved all your pictures Sugar!

  5. LOVE the photos! Especially that drum majorette! WOW!