Saturday, April 27, 2013

Robin's Nest...

Hi there!

More signs of spring in your corner of the world?
One sign of spring are the chirping robins out and
about.  And, we had an awesome discovery this
afternoon!  One brave robin built a nest right
near our front door.  There is not much
shelter for those gorgeous robin eggs, so we'll
have to keep an eye on them from any predators.
I pray these sweet little robins do well and grow
into beautiful fine birds! is the photo
I have to share with you....

So, you can see by the photo there is not much shelter
at all.  I was quite surprised to see a robin's nest in
this scraggly evergreen.  We were thinking about
cutting it down this year.  But, we certainly won't
cut it down until after the little sweeties hatch.  I'll
keep you posted.  Doesn't  little nature surprises
put a smile on your face?  It sure does for me!
Take care friends, hugs!:-)


  1. What a lovely nature surprise in your very own yard! That nest is so perfectly built, and what a gorgeous photo of those lovely blue eggs :)

  2. Wow...I thought this was an inspiration photo for some challenge, how lucky are you so have this wonderful image at your front door.

  3. Omg,this is so sweet! We had a robin build a nest on our front porch in a grapvine wreath one year,despite having many trees to choose from. It was so fun peeking on the eggs and seeing the babies.

  4. There is something so hopeful and beautiful in a simple nest of eggs! Keep your eye on those little babies and enjoy!

  5. Isn't that the prettiest blue you have ever seen - quite gorgeous! I know you will have so much fun watching these babies hatch and grow.

  6. Fabulous photo! It's always a treat to watch them fledge~Enjoy

  7. Oh my god, this photo is fantastic! How beautiful this nest and eggs are! Thank you so much for sharing, Maria. :)

  8. Maria, what a beautiful photo. Several years ago, the robins built in a holly shrub right outside (in the corner) of our den window. We could see into the nest and got to see them feeding the babies after they hatched. It was so interesting and fun to see.

  9. How fun! Oh, my goodness, my kids are totally going to want to see what happens. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

  10. Love the photo ~ Thanks for sharing!

  11. I agree with Tracey...a cool inspiration photo!! You will have to keep us posted on the progress:-)

  12. Wow! That blue is so BLUE! LOVE the photo! I've never seen those eggs in real life so this photo is FAB!

  13. How lovely , now I see where the colour RObins egg blue comes from.
    We don't get Robins in this area but lots of other lovely birds. Love this post .

  14. Oh hoe sweet! I love the blue color of he eggs! God is miraculous in all his creations!