Monday, June 20, 2016


Hi, Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Yesterday was special being that it was Father's Day and a huge celebration for the Cleveland Cavaliers!  We have waited for such a long time for Cleveland to have a title.  Against all odds the Cavs made it happen!  What a nail biting game it was!  Excellent defense at the end by LeBron and the 3-point shot by Irving clinched the game!  The last major title was in 1964!  My Dad was not able to witness this on earth, but I'm sure he is smiling in heaven!  My Dad loved sports.  He lettered in high school with basketball.  He loved all the Ohio sport teams, but he dearly loved the Cavs and the Indians!  Oh, what a happy time to celebrate for Ohio...yeah Cavs!!!

We celebrated Father's Day by going out to lunch at Mon Ami near the lake.  We listened to live music and had a great time.  We forgot to take pics and soon after lunch my son scooted off to join friends in Cleveland for a watch game party.  Anyways, here is a pic of my husband and son from last year...

My husband does like watching the Cavs.  But, the team he loves to watch more than anything is the Ohio State Buckeyes!  He will be one happy fella wearing his Father's Day gift...

Oh, just a couple more pics...why not...hehehe!  I wanted to include a photo of my Dad and me.  I have my wedding album out because our 37th anniversary is this Wednesday on the 22nd!  We always like to get it out and look at the photos.  Oh, how young we were way back in many years ago, but we are still having fun!  I can't believe my husband convinced me to do this dance move to the then popular song..."King Tut"!

And, here is a photo of me with my parents...

Well, that's all for now!  I hope you have an awesome week!  Take care and thanks so much for dropping by!



  1. Lots of updates, love seeing a peak into your life Maria!

  2. Oh what terrific memories and fab photos ... Happy Anniversary !!

  3. Lovely photo's Maria! Hope you and your hubby enjoy a wonderful anniversary :-)

  4. Happy, happy anniversary! Love seeing your pictures, Maria! My dad was an athlete & loved all sports. I'm sure he celebrated the Cavs' win with your dad in heaven--he loved the underdog!

  5. oh how fun, love those pictures, and belated happy anniversary!

  6. Oh, what a fun post!! So many happy things to read and such awesome photos to see! LOVE your wedding photos! Huge congratulations on your 37th anniversary!! And so glad you all had such a lovely Father's Day!

  7. Lots of happy here today Maria! Congrats on the big win! Loved seeing all the pictures! A big congratulations to you and your husband on 37 years! Happy Anniversary!