Friday, May 25, 2018

Magee Marsh...

Hi, there!

We couldn't resist making another visit to Magee Marsh yesterday.  My husband spotted the adorable geese just as we entered the area.  Here is a closer peek at one of them...

Dad and Mom were close by and making sure that we didn't get too close...

I think this blue heron was posing for my husband...lovely wings!

We wanted to see how the baby eagles were doing.  One was at the edge of the nest.  And, if you look closely, Dad and Mom are keeping watch perched on the limbs of the tree above the nest.

A closer peek of the baby eagle...

Thank you for dropping by!  Have a great weekend!  And, a big THANK YOU for all those who have served and are serving for our country!  God bless USA!



  1. LOVE those FAB photos! That blue heron was wild! And eagles - especially babies - are always amazing!

  2. Oh wow--wish I was close enough to go there with you! Hubby & I both love seeing your bird pictures! The last 3 days I've seen a Great Blue Heron flying over our neighborhood once or twice a day--so neat! We have Bald Eagles here, but don't spot them very often. Wishing you a great holiday w/e, Maria!

  3. I was simply amazed at the architecture of this absolutely beautiful venue!! The environment was unbelievable. I was fortunate enough to visit San Francisco venues like this, we found awesome things one after another after another.

  4. Love your photos Maria! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. LOVE the photos! What a beautiful and tranquil spot!

  6. These are such sweet photos Maria!