Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CPS Sketch 178

Hi All!

Hope you had a great day! I had a great one visiting with my Mom and sis. We had Chinese food for lunch...mmmm...so good. And chinese makes great leftovers 'cause it is so much food to eat. My sis reminded me that my great-niece's bday is soon, so I scooted over to my little crafty corner to make a merry making and whipped up this card. I'm not sure if I had this in mind at first on how it turned out, but it's what I came up with. Practice makes perfect...hehehe...and I love to practice making cards! So, thanks for taking a peek at my bday card for my little niece....take care!


  1. Beautiful card Maria ! I love the color combo.
    Hugs from Paris

  2. It's funny how we have ideas in mind but they don't quite look the same when they are made up! This is such a fun card, love the colours and all of the little details! Fab!

  3. Really cute card! Love the stitching. I'm going to have to try that on one of my cards, maybe the one I'm working on now; it might be just the touch I need to pull the whole thing together.