Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Fur Babies!

We hope you all had a wonderful blessed Christmas!  We had a great time with our son, his friend, Ethan, and the animals!  Our son didn't go to NJ as planned.  Lots of Covid running rampant, so he cancelled the trip.  It gave us more time with visiting.  We played cards and got out an old game Taboo.  One word was mansion.  My hubby gave the clue .....This is what the Beverly Hillbillies had.  My son had a puzzled look on his face and said I never watched that show, lol!  We had lots of laughs.  We got a big kick out of the animal antics, too!  One time the cat was curious and went into Maverick's crate.  The cat was cornered and so scared when Maverick approached the cat.  My hubby rescued poor little Nicky.  And, I can just imagine what Sheila is thinking in the above photo.  She's probably thinking is he(Nicky) doing in this photo?!:-)  Anyways, it was a wonderful Christmas!  I'll be doing more celebrating with my sisters on January 7th.  I'm looking forward to another fun get-together!  

We noticed that our matching jammies could not be seen in the above photo, so we took another one...

Thanks so much for dropping by!  We're wishing you all a new year filled with many blessings!  Happy New Year!  Take care, hugs!!


  1. Thanks for sharing those great photos and I love your matching jammies! Still chuckling over the Beverly Hillbillies question - guess that's a gem from our generation :) So glad you had a fun Christmas and I wish you all the best things that a new year can bring - good health, happiness, and above all, much love!

  2. I'm so glad your son and his friend were able to be with you on Christmas. That makes it more special. The animals are so cute and I always wonder what they are thinking. I love your Merry jammies. I send blessings to you and your family in the coming year and especially wish for you good health always.

  3. Oh I loved the Hillbillies!! So gad you enjoyed Christmas... great photo BTW! Wishing you a Happy, healthy New year!

  4. What a fun Christmas you had and love your co-ordinating PJ's. Here's to a Healthy, Happy and crafty 2022 Maria x.