Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Scrapbook Page of Shadow...

Hi, Friends!

Popping in quick to share with you a scrapbook page of our dog, Shadow.  It seems that card making and other things are done before scrapbooking.  I have been working on this album for quite awhile.  Our dog, Shadow, passed away November 5, 2018.  He was such a good dog and is dearly missed.

The stamps I used are a very old set from Hero Arts.  Actually, I think it was one of my first stamp sets.  I was going to use another ghost stamp set, but wasn't able to locate it at this time.  Things are still somewhat disorganized.  I have craft items upstairs and downstairs.  But, it's ok, for it is great to come across old stamps and use them.  

Since I had my Halloween items out, I thought I'd make a card.

I couldn't seem to get a clear photo of it...a little fuzzy.  I don't know what it is if it's my camera or photo editing program.  It's something that I seem to struggle with.  Anyways, one early Halloween card done for my stash.

We are waiting to have new appliances delivered today while I'm crafting away and keeping the dog out of the way.  It's a sunny day, so I'm sure that they will come with them.  Last week we were supposed to have lots of snow and they canceled the delivery.  We didn't get much snow at all, but I guess you have to plan ahead with the weather.  It will be great to get a new stove and refridgerator.  The oven hasn't been keeping the right temp for some time and the ice maker and water dispenser on the fridge wasn't working.  

Well, that's all for now.  I hope you all are doing well today!  Frigid temps today, but happy to see the sun shine!  Thanks so much for dropping by today!  Take care and stay warm!



  1. This is a sweet page for Shadow. I started out scrapbooking for the grands but as they got older I didn't have that many pictures and went into cards instead. Wow, brand new appliances. You won't want to get that stove dirty from cooking. Eat all meals out is my advice.

  2. That's a great page of your beloved dog you lost. I have a little scrapbook I made of all 3 of our dogs we once had and it makes me smile to look through it and remember them. Love that cute little Halloween card with the punny sentiment too! Good luck with your appliances and enjoy the sunshine! For us it was yet another gloomy day with blowing big snowflakes.

  3. Cute page AND card! It's never too early for Halloween cards and this is a really cute one. Your scrapbook page is great and I love the addition of the ghosts. Shadow looks like he was a wonderful dog (and very handsome too) and I know you have so many wonderful memories of him.

  4. AW! What a lovely remembrance page for your Shadow. Somehow, our piccies of our dearly loved Jess have gone missing, so I have only had one page made for her. I hope your appliances are now delivered and installed and working as you want. Quite exciting to have new ones.

  5. Awwww, I love your scrapbooking pages of Shadow!!! I have a GS too, she is my baby and I will be devastated when she leaves me. Shadow and my Savannah could have been brother and sister as they look so much alike! Yep, things get in my way of scrapbooking anymore too. I really need to get back to it. Looks like Shadow enjoyed Halloween or else the fall weather. I know Savannah loves being outside even on the coldest days. Not me! LOL I love your Halloween card too, great way to use a tag on a card. Oh I bet you will be happy to have those new appliances!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my stove/oven keeps on ticking as it is 28 years old. Same with my furnace, it is 64 years old. Not sure what state you are in, but we were sunny today too, but there was a nip in the air here in PA. Not looking forward to tomorrow into Saturday though. Sounds like we are in for some windy, artic blasts. Brrrr! Hugs, Brenda