Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Happy Birthday, Layout Page...

Hi, there!

I've been wanting to post this birthday card that I made for my husband and am now getting the chance to do it.  His birthday was on the 12th.  We visited our son and had a nice dinner out at a favorite restaurant.  I made him an Ohio State card for he loves watching Ohio State football.  The hexagon die is from Jillian Vance Designs.  

Next up, I promised a scrapbook page.  I have tons of Yellowstone photos from when we made the trip a couple years ago.  We saw a lot of buffalo and one was making his way closer and closer to the building and parking lot.  We got a quick pic and several people got even closer than us before the park ranger yelled to back away.

I'm not sure what the white area is in front of my hubby's shorts.  Reflection of light maybe, I don't know.  Some more on the last photo, too.  It shouldn't be there, oh well.  

A very windy day here.  We had rain this morning.  At least no rain on Easter.  We plan to go to a favorite family restaurant for lunch after church service.  The food is always so delicious!  I'm wishing you all a wonderful blessed Easter!  Thanks so much for dropping by, take care!



  1. Ooh, a shaker caard, how special. It looks great in red, black and white too. Thanks for sharing the scrapbook page too. You do have the most amazing National Parks so it is good to get out and enjoy them. Happy Easter to you too xx

  2. That's a great shaker card for your hubby's birthday and I'm sure he enjoyed it with his favorite sports team. I love that great scrapbook page too but I'd never venture that close to such a big wild animal. Your hubby is braver than I'd ever be, but it's a fun page to tuck away to remember in years to come. Have a blessed Easter too!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your hubby! 🎉 🎁🎂 The custom card is creative and fun. The layout is lovely.

  4. Love the red and white and the shaker element, bet he shook the life out of it hahaha. Love the photos, what wonderful buffalo you saw, an experience to be sure. Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy Easter, enjoy your meal out. We have hailstones at the moment and very chilly too. x

  5. I know your hubby must love his wonderful Ohio State Shaker card! How great you could have dinner with your son to celebrate. Fun to scrap some of your memories from Yellowstone! Happy Easter, Maria!

  6. What a great layout to remember such a special trip, Maria and I love the personalised birthday card you made. I hope the team won and he got to shake his card in celebration!.
    Hope you are well.
    Carol x

  7. Great shaker card for your husband. Your scrapbook pages are great, enjoyed them.